Peek through the next window…..

Problems are the frequent visitors of our life.. They are too dangerous: only when you are afraid of it….

Let it come and visit you… They may hit you down and fill you with negatives… Never mind… only thing you should do is to peek through the next window….

Your life has many windows which carries positives in you, solutions for you, energies in you and so on.. When problems enter you through one window… Just close that and peek through the next… There you may find the easiest solution for the problem.. Instead, looking through the same window may stress you and beat you up… After getting the solution, come back and open the closed window with courage and face the problem… No way that you fail….

It’s your life… only you can live it…. And you should live it before it leaves you☺️☺️☺️….

18 thoughts on “Peek through the next window…..

    1. Ys i do i think.. Onnullelum njan oru psychologist alle😋.. But as a human there are moments even we do suffer..words like these give a new potential and energy to flew away from those moments… Thanku 🌹❤

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    1. True.. Bt for most problms there are solutions in the problm itself.. Trying to focus on solution than problms will help you to find the solutions easier: A method in psychology😇😇


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