The sin 🥀


my heart lave with that love, that is so intense, which made the moon reflects your shadow on it’s surface, which gave me sleepless nights, which made me insane; that took my sobriety, away with the flood of thoughts, about you;;

That moment; exactly in that bleak moment,

The world; yes the same world, that taught me, love is the source, the base, the pedestal of life,

The same world, that made me bold enough to love and to be loved; that gave me the light of love;

Failed to say that,

love is a mirage that is so meritorious from longer view, when reached closer, disappears when tried to hold mightily, ;

Love, yes that lofty love, turns into a sin……. yes it’s true, and I now know…



21 thoughts on “The sin 🥀

      1. Adhaan… manshyan onn chindikunnu daivam pullik ishtollath nadathunnu.. ennit vidhinn perum… i dont belive in fate.. i believe in human actions.. udhesham sincere aanel ellam nadakkum positive aayi thanne…be positive happy and stay safe 😊😊

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