Yes, it’s time to change….

Yes it’s true;

It’s true that each moment I’m at the brim of insanity just like how your love craved my soul…..

It’s true that I can hear the horrible laughter of pleasure wrapped in pain that kill my soul each moment… just like how the pain of separation bind with the pleasure of hope.

It’s true that my reality curled up into memories.. and that i am lil bit confused, whether I move forward or pause here….

And at last I understood that it’s my time to change… a change that nobody can never change… A change that have courage to point you and say`u r the reason for my change’

17 thoughts on “Yes, it’s time to change….

    1. If grief help me to reveal my inner soul and shine it with all it’s purity, then let it come and bind me… revealing my soul in a meaning that I never expected is another kind of change, a new,graceful one…😇😍

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