Mamma why should u gave me birth as a girl?? Little heba once asked me…..why shouldn’t u make me a boy?? It’s difficult to exist as a girl in this boyish world…….. (lol!!! Is she grew enough to think like this ha??)

I was a bit amused..I slowly moved to her and took her little hands over my palm….It was too small and filled up with enough signs of her naughtiness.I asked her,”my sweetheart, before u came into mammas womb god asked u whether u want to be a boy or a girl,don’t u remember that?? Then why did u decided to be a girl if u want to be a baby boy???….( Heba looked at me in wonder…Eh!!!!! When does this happen…..??)she told me , “at that cursed moment I wanted to be one….bt I regret mamma, badly I regret…….” She walked to her room murmuring herself of that cursed moment ( how sweet are children at their little age..right?? Were they are unaware of biology and bileave every sort of lies by their parents…😅)

Even if Heba forgot about her problem for the moment now…I know this will only be the begining..Why should girls want to be a “kind of boy” for a moment in their life???? Why should they curse the moment were they wish to be a girl?? I thought a lot about it…… At last I found the answer…..

THE SOCIETY…..yes the society make the girl thinks to be a boy. The society induces her to be neat and soft…the society make her conscious each moment that she is a girl…….but why??? Is the monthly redness between her thighs matters the society??or her ability to give a new life ??

I have decided one thing that I will make Heba grow with extreme haughtiness ..extreme strength..I want her to know that being a girl is proud and not cursed…..I want her to shout,laugh louder,run faster,raise her voice to whom her projected organs matters,I want her to sit and stand and walk and dance in where ever and what ever way she wants, I want her to grow for herself not for the one who be her partner in her extreme future, I want her to learn whatever subject she wants to study and whatever job she wants to do exclusively for her not for her future in laws, I want her to know that being a woman is difficult as a new life can only be raised in her womb…..I want her to know that woman is not cursed bt blessed as love, care, and all other emotions born from her pain that last over months…

Dear heba ,this is the only gift that I could ever give u……being a girl.Let the world support the men… be a women by urself so that u can say proudly that I am grown out of fire…not with somebody’s care and support……Heba u r a girl….let it be …… Let the world know that U R HEBA….. THE STRONG, UNCONTROLLABLE, AND INDOMITABLE MANNA DEW FROM HEAVEN…….THE GIRL….

8 thoughts on “THE GIRL…..

  1. When pain flows through pen ❤
    Raising your daughter feeding her the strength to live in this society is not only the solution, but you’ve to teach your son understand the opposite sex’s feelings, at least the existence.

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