Compeltion produce buffoons…….

Its my experience tought me that never compel anybody to attain a goal.Even if it is parents to children, friend to another or even partners. We may have certain expectations or may damn sure on someone in their abilities. But the true fact is that its not us to have such a belif but them.If they don’t have confidence upon themselves never ever compel them. We may turn into a buffoon before them. Or if they may have ardant passion upon what we have said, let them know by themselves and rest of the things will grow from their passion. What a parent or friend can do is give them a hint about the facilities available and oppertunities present.Let them decide whether they should utilize them or just pass it over an ear. If we compel them they will hear it only to make us believe that they are hearing us, just bcz they cannot ignore us. But if they are truely passionate they themselves find rest of the informations and start disturbing us for their passion and that is the valuable disturbances ever seen.

Never compel ur frnd or child to attain this or that. Give them certain clues. Let them decide weather to select it or to ignore it. There will be a time they will regret upon the missed oppertunity bt that moment no one will be their to speak upon for them and they will be ignored by people. So be a guide to the real needy and never turn into a fool by giving informations to those who never value their on abilities. Former will make u grow with them bt later let u down. If anyone come to u with a need help him out if he is a real needy. Let the world grow through sharing informarion and caring each other……..

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